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Chapter Library list

 Adzerna & Jones     Great Sundial Cutout Book     
Antiquarian Horological Society     English Church Clocks  1280-1850     
Antique Clock Pub     Gustav Becker Story     
Bowman & Borer     Modern Watch Repairing/Adjusting     
Bruton Eric     Clocks & Watches     
Bruton Eric     Dictionary of Clocks & Watches     
Bruton Eric     Clocks and Watches     
Bruton, Eric     Clocks & Watches 1400-1900     
Bruton, Eric     Dictionary of Clocks and Watches     
Bulletin reprint 1     numbers 1-30     call for reserve
Bulletin Reprint 10     numbers 143-154     Call for reserve
Bulletin Reprint 2     numbers 31-50     Call for reserve 489 3275
Bulletin reprint 3     numbers 51-70     Call for reserve 489 3275
Bulletin reprint 4     numbers 71-82     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 5     numbers 83-94     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 6     numbers 95-106     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 7     numbers 107-118     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 8      numbers 119-130     Call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 9     numbers 131-142     call for reserve
Catalog     E Howard 1889     
Catalog     American Clock Co 1878     Welch/ST/NewHaven/WelchSpring
Catalog     Seth Thomas 1874     
Catalog     Bulova interchangeable parts     
Catalog     Collectors Clocks & Jewelry     
Catalog     G.S. Lovell     
Catalog     Clocks & Jewelry     
Coggins Frank W     Clocks Construction/Maint/repair     
Cowan, Harrison J. Cowan     Time and Measurement     Stone age to Nuclear Age
Dale, Rodney     Timekeeping     
De Carle Donald     Complicated Watches/Repair     
De Carle, Donald     Watch and Clocks Encyclopedia     
Distin and Bishop     American Clock, 1723-1900     
E G Warman     Early American Clocks     
Ehrhardt/Meggers     Am Pocket Watches ID/Price Guide Beginning to End,1830-1990     
Elgin     Illustrated Almanac     
F.Hope Jones     Electric Clocks & how to make     
Fine Woodworking Mag     Marquetry and Veneer, 38 articles     
Finn & Riefler     Compensating Pendulums     
Fried Henry B     Repairing quartz Watches     
Fried Henry B     Repairing Quartz Watches     
Fritts Charles E     Watch Adjuster Manual     
Gibbs James     Horological Tour of Philadelphia     
Goodrich Ward     Modern Clock     
Haviland     Digital Electronic Timepieces     
Horlogerie Ancienne     Index 1977 - 2001     
Horlogerie Ancienne     Patek Philippe Museum     
Hunterm John     Clocks,An illus hist of timepieces     
Husher & Welch     Study of Simon Willard Clocks     
Jagger, Cedric     Clocks     
Jaquet & Chapuis     Technique & History Swiss Watch     
Johnson Charles     Clocks & Watches     
K & D      Staking Tools     
Kochmann     European Industralized clock mkg     
L & R     Parts & Accessories     
Lewis & Lee     Better Watch Repairing     
Life Science Library     Time     
Matthews Martin     Engine Turning 1680 - 1980     
NAG Press     Modern Watch Repair & Adj     
NAG Press     Pendulum to Atom     
Nawcc     32nd convention Catalog     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1975     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1986     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1994     
Nemrava, Steve Z     Morbier, 1680-1900     
Nutting Wallace     Clock Book     
Palmer Brooks     Book of American Clocks     
Palmer Brooks     Treasury Of American Clocks     
Pritchard Kathleen H     Swiss Timepiece Makers Vol 1     call for reserve 489 3275
Pritchard Kathleen H     Swiss Timepiece Makers Vol 2     Call for reserve 489 3275
Reference Library books     World of Time and Timepieces     
Robbins Michael     Electronic Clocks & Watches     
Roberts, Derek     Collectors guide to clocks     
Rudolph J.S     Making your own paper clock     
Seitz     Jeweling Tools     
Seth Thomas     Tower Clocks     
Seth Thomas     Clocks 1904-5 catalog # 646     
Shelly, Fredrick     Early American Tower Clocks     
Shugart & Engle     #4 Watch price guide     
Shugart & gilbert     #15 watch price guide     
Smith, Alan     Clocks and Watches     Antique collectors guide
Smithsonian     Clocks, Illus Library of Antiques     prepared by Cooper Hewitt Museum
Terwilliger Charles     Horolovar 400-day Clock Repair     
Tetwilliger Charles     Horolovar 400-day Clock repair     
Tran Duy Ly     Ulysse Nardin     Chrono/Pocket Watch/Wrist watch
Tuttle     Connecticutt Clockmakers 18th cty     
Tyler E.J.     Clocks & Watches     
Tyler E.J.     Clocks & Watches     
Tyler, E.J.     Craft of the Clockmaker     
Tyler, E.J.     Clocks and Watches     
Tyler, E.J.     European Clocks     
Ullyett Kenneth     British Clocks and Clockmakers     
Ullyett, Kenneth     In Quest of Clocks     
Varkaris & Connell     Early Canadian Timekeepers     
Video     Nawcc Museum & time film     
video     Pocket Watch Repair     
Video     Staffing lesson 4     Rober J Tascione
Video     Staffing Lesson 5     Robert J. Tascione
Video     Modern Marvels - Clocks     History Channel
Video     Pocket Watch Course 1     
Video     Pocket Watch Course 2     
Video     Pocket Watch Course 3     
Video     Watch Repair tape 1     
Video     Watch & Clock Museum Nawcc     
Video     NAWCC Tower Clock     
Video      Watch Repair tape 2     
Ward Richie R     Living Clocks     
Ward, F.A.B     Clocks and Watches     weight driven clocks
Wenham, Edward     Old Clocks     
Zaharis Peter     Identification gudide to Ithical clks     
Zanoni Louis a     Digital Watch REpair manual