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Guadalupe Street Clock Project

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   Chapter 52 is tentatively getting involved in restoring the famous Guadalupe Street Clock!   Several weeks ago, I approached the City of Guadalupe about the missing clock and they told me that it was out for repair and restoration.  I suggested that Chapter 52 might be interested in assiting if they ran into any problems.

Today , Steve Powers , owner of a Santa Maria Clockstore contacted me and told me he was in possession of the movement and was not interested in restoring it.  He is going to get authorization from the city to turn the movement over to the chapter for rehabilitation.  Steve intends to bring the movement to the Chapter meeting this Sunday, August 9 at the Senior center in Oceano.  I told Steve we are having our annual pot luck luncheon and it would make an excellent discussion topic for the event.

WE are also having a fun auction to raise money for the chapter.  Any of you who will be in the area are welcome to attend. Give Bill Kapp a call at 805 489 3275 if you can make it.  Normally we don't need advance notification but just in case there will be a lot of guests, we might want to make sure there is enough food!

Hope to see some of you there!  This should be a fun and worthwhile project for the chapter.