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Early Ball ORRS Dials
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Note the Fancy A in Cleveland!
Above is a pic of the earliest Ball and Co ORRS dial known to me, It is found in the 13001-13400 Ball Hamilton 999 range. It is possibly also found on the 8701-8800 Ball Hamilton 938 run. I am not sure as there are only 3 reported in that 938 run and I have not seen pics of 8711 which is reported with a patd dial. # 8782 has a replacement Ball Watch co dial and my 8774 has a replaced dial identical to the ones found in the 14k and 28k runs.

Above is a pic of a dial that starts with the 14k Hamilton 999 run.  This dial is identical to those found on the 28K 999 run.

Above dial is the flat 3 design that began with the 42K run, It is also seen in the 118K run and on SS  Ball & CO ORRS watches in the 170K run .

Above pic courtesy of Fred Hansen Via Ebay.  It depicts Ball and Co DS dials found in the 90K   run. I believe it to be also found on DS dials in the 170K run.