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Self Winding Clock Co

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Self Winding Clock Co Hairspring Mvmt

Unusual Self Winding Clock Co mvmt, 14 inch case.  Noter the red bulb protuding through the loop in the numeral 6 on the dial. Came from the Alemeda Air station 20 years ago.

two pictures below from an Ebay Auction 6501537375, Went for $860

These last five pictures are of a 120 beat movement for a two sided clock. Note the aluminum thingy that holds the take off wheel on the front is homemade. The original was lost. I have no mechanical skills but I bet a brass one would look better

Navy personnel at work in a communications office located in the Main Navy or Munitions Buildings, circa early 1919.
Note telegraph keys on tables, switching equipment in left background, and wall clock marked "Self Winding Clock Company".