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The Holtzer Magneto Clock

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The above are not in my collection, the one on the right is from Bulletin 152 E, Holtzer Cabot Electric Co.
The image on the left I copied from the internet to show the type and quality of the cases.The one below is also from the Holtzer Bulletin


The two pictures above are of a circa 1937 Master Clock, the clock is electric, not weight. Haven't seen the movement so am not sure if it uses a self winding device or some other mode to keep the pendulum in play. I have seen this type clock in a 37 catalog and know that it can drive slaves and should have an hourly correcting impulse to keep the slaves synched. The screws holding the dial are positioned the same as self winders and Seth Thomas movements.

The next 4 photos are courtesy of Denis Jahn. Three views of a movement and one of a Dial for a Holtzer Master.



The above five pictures are of a Holtzer watchman's clock with Independent regulator, It is in the Detex Museum in Texas. It is owned by Dr. Paul Harrison. Pictures supplied by Dennis at Detex and Forwarded to me by Denis Jahn.

Owned by a fellow NAWCC collector in KY. D. Phelps. I stole his pic from the NAWCC site.
The lettering on the glass suggests to me that it was reconditioned and resold by "Acme". it is a 20 station and the inside ST movement is identical to all the Holtzers I have seen. The 80 beat 15 day Seth Thomas independent of watchmans device dial powered by ST #10 .