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IBM Model 15 Plans and Pics
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Case is 16.5 inches wide, 8 inches deep and 43.25 Tall. 11 inch dial, 9.5 inch chapter ring.
Pendant rod is 32 inches + and when I move the crutch, I am getting 72 beats to the minute. Suspension spring is broken and there is no way to hang the rod.

Dial is pretty nice, you can see the discoloration left and right below the 6. There is a five amp fuse kinda behind the 3 on the case. Strangely enough there is a spare fuse on the right side behind the 9 but it is 2 amp

There are 8 more discs behind the top time disk. I also see where ther are 8 contacts that can be activated. Only 7 days on the calendar wheel at the top right center. I notice by advancing the min hand that I hear a click at 10 min of the hour and also a click on the hour. I would guess that would be the end of one class and the beginning of another in the school.. Note that the 4 wires on the right don't seem to be going anywhere. I assume there is something missing there.

Looks like 4 manual buttons on the side if you want to ring the bells. Other pic is just the wiring on the back.

Note that the 4 wires on the left go to that metal device that is hanging loose. I see some screw holes just above it that I believe are meant to mount it. The left switch on the beat plate says advance on the top of the switch and on below the switch. The next 4 switches say on at the top and off at the bottom. the line below say 1, 2 bells 3, and 4.
There are two business cards in the bottom, one from an IBm CE and one from a Simplex rep. Both In Oregon. I believe that tells us that it was in service in 1958 when Simplex took over this product from IBM.
The Bob weighs five pounds.
The metal tag, left front say IBM, NEW York etc Model 15MC Serial # 952291DL

One of these is labeled 110 V, 60 cycle and 125 watts, but I don't know if they are talking about input or output. I don't see any cord to hook to a wall outlet and not sure how you would hook this to a wall outlet. Another of these labels says 24 V Dc, Max 50 Watts, Another says 50 Watts per circuit, Max 125 Watts. Then there is something that looks like Model ABE F. I haven't a clue how to hook any of this up. I am sure It will run slaves and ring bells at scheduled times. Of course I have no idea how to fire it up. I will take it with me to Chapter 52 this Sunday. One of the guys will be able to hook up suspension spring

What I assume must be the transformer has a black and white input (110v). The yellow and green 4 wires terminate in unconnected fashion lower down the case. That is the 5 amp fuse I mentioned
The red wires at the top left, came from the red wires in the previous pic. That thingy dangling on the left is attatched to 4 screws in the case that connect to the wiring in the back. Nothing from it goes to the movement. Looks like some kind of rehostat, must be an add on as there is no place it reaches that looks like a proper mount. The spare 2 amp fuse is mounted there. No wires attatched to it. The 4 red wires going down end in that dangling thing that was in a previous picture.

just an overall view of the top behind the dial. patent # 1878931 on the movement