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Its not easy getting these oversize pages on the scanner. You are going to haveto paste the two pages together and because the top of the scanner lid gets in the way, you will have to invert the second page and fit it together like a jigsaw puzzle.

The first two pages look kinda like a blueprint and has number 87982-A
The last two pageshave the number 401249 and states wiring diagram in the printed corner along with the model 15-7

I have a garage full of these puppies, two model 15's (72beat), a big 60 beat one that I don't know the model number of, and a 60 beat Standard Electric in the hat style case, A pretty 60 beat standard Elec in a gorgeous case and two 60 Beat Self Winding Co and I 80 beat Self Winding

Suckers are too heavy but maybe I will bring a few of them to the los Angeles Regional this year.