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Ball's Standard Superior Grade 936
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This little beauty arrived in the mail today. The scanner was kinder to the dial than the camera, but I think after I clean the dial it will look a little better. The movement is in fine shape and because the balance is moving, the pic doesn't show the balance screws very well. The case has some wear but not that bad. 25 yr and looks original to the movement, just the one set of screw marks. At least one of the hands is a replacement.

Rhett stated that he thought this was the most interesting of the Ball Hamilton's and as a proud owner of one of the about 10 known survivors out of approx 80 produced, I share his prejudice.

The watch below # 6105 was listed on Ebay by James Smith.   the description as stated on ebay:

" You are bidding on a Ball Standard Superior Grade 936 pocket watch. It is believed they only made 87 of these starting in 1894, & only 8 are known to survive! It's the Ball / Hamilton 936 style.
It is in well used condition & not currently running. The dial looks good,except a blemish at 1 o-clock, the crystal could use a polish, when we got this watch it was wound & ran for an hour then quit. the bottom of the case is worn through the gold. The movement # is 6105. The case is a Philadelphia Watch Case Co. & says "guaranteed 25 years". "