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Link to Global Horology # 608
Joel's  gorgeous specimen!
 Jones and Horan # 607
Lot # 173 in 6/21/09 sale

#601 is in the Donald Barrett Collection  

Link to NAWCC # 603 Discussion
Jeff's beauty!     
Additional disc of 603 link
603 dial discussion link
603 trademark disc link
 Jeff's replacement dial on 603 was  intended for a new product described in the Ball 1902  Factory Catalog. ( See page 59 of Ehrhardt's American Pocket Watch 1977 Price Indicator.)

 "You will find the trade marks branded on the dials and driven in the plates of all the movements." "..........Official O.R.T Standard, official RR Standard and the Official 999 Standard watches are a new designed model, identically the same in grade finish and quality, excepting their respective trade marks,"
Jeff's symposium 936 (8630)

Link to Rhett's 937 mvmt

NAWCC 936 Discussion link