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Railroad Watch Co
Page and Updates Moving!  NAWCC Community

# 20969, missing a case screw, very light scratch near the other case screw and some finger print marking. Hopefully it will clean up. Not running at the present time. Just got it 2/19/08. Balance won't move. Marty will take it apart for me tomorrow and get it running. I will take more pics and try to get rid of the glare when it is done.

Only one service mark that I can see. A couple of light dings, I will repost after cleaning.

Got some black residue that may be covering a wear mark or may just be dirt. Will repost after cleaning.  

Sorry about the glare! I will have to try some different lighting angles.
Note the little hairlineinthe 12-1 area

Crows feet between the 7-8 and a hairline at the 30. Will be interesting to see if they are as visible after a cleaning, but it is what it is.

Today, I took it to Chap 52's watchmaker extraordinare Marty Meyer (805) 934 4453 and he replaced the spring, broken staff  cleaned oiled, balanced, trued and timed it.   Below is a pic of Marty;s domain.

This is the watch after Marty tore it down

Dial after cleaning

Scanned pic of movement after cleaning.

Ball's standard Railroad Watch Co is more common than Railroad Watch Co  and the one below sold on Ebay 11.29/08 for $3554 + 30 shipping

Images below are due to the courtesy and ingenuity of Thomas G Brown.  Thanks Tom!

Names supplied by Tom Brown from one of his brotherhood journals

ARTICLES of incorporation were filed on November 13 in the office of the Secretary of State by the Ball Standard Railroad Watch Company, of Cleveland, O., capitalized at $100,000. The incorporators are Webb C. Ball, Oscar Tyler, E. D. Page, J. H. Dempsey, Joseph Palite, John W. Sylvester, William Tunkey, James A. Lathrop, Frank N. Gear, Simeon T. Tufts, T. P. O'Shea, J. W. Juengling and J. P. Dowling.