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NAWCC MB 938 Ball thread

Prior to the run of 100 Hamilton Ball ORRS watches from 8701=8800, Ball watches were marked Standard, Hi grade, Superior grade , etc on the movements. With this run Ball established the popular marketing trademark "Official Railroad Standard"

I have never seen pics or know of anyone who has seen # 8711 the earliest reported Ball marked movement. I would appreciate anyone who has pics or knows about this watch to contract me.      

9 watches have been reported from this run, 6 of them are private labels.
#8774 was the first Ball marked movement to be reported. Since then two more have been reported, the earliest being #8711.  statisticaly there were probably as many as 25 Ball marked watches in this run .The price guides value the 2nd and 3rd runs higher than this first run, but I believe that is because the editiors are not aware that the first run had ball marked  movements as well as private labels.