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Lindell Ball and Co

Hampden Ball
Ball's Standard, Cleveland,Ohio # 761845

Recently acquired #410538 marked Ball's Standard Hi Grade. it has a Moorehouse Style dial and 15 jewels. This is the earliest known Ball marked Hampden other than the Whitcomb Ball in the NAWCC museum  

Of the32 known surviving open face Hampden Ball's, only 3 are know to be marked Ball's standard,  Cleveland ohio
The most common marking is the Ball's  Standard, Superio Grade of which 24 are known.
Only three are known to be marked as Ball's STandard, High Grade.

#761624 has not been fully reported and the movemnt markings are unknown
What makes the Ball and Co Hamiltons attractive to me besides their rarity is that they are not subject to as much case swapping as seen in the later models.  They are not found in Ball Marked cases. If the style is right and there are only one set of screw marks, you can have a high degree of confidence in correctness or originality.  The dials are somewhat easier to spot when they have been switched also.