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               HAMPDEN BALL LIST - HAMPDEN LIST     
346262     18     15     HAMPDEN     W C B C O     
372594     18     15     HAMPDEN     W C B C O
410538     18     15     B S H G      Fancier style  
444731     18     15     B S H G     FANCIER STYLE
454237     18     15     BSSG         Fancier style DS
480814     18     15     B S S G     
480872     18     15     B S S G     FANCIER RED 5 MIN MRKR
481080     18     15     B S S G     FANCIER DIAL RED 5 MIN
481239     18     17     B S S G     
481259     18     17     B S S G     
481303     18     15     B S S G      fancier style
626754     18     17     B S S G     
657953     18     17     B S S G     
657973     18     17     B S S G     
721071     18H  15     B S C O
759542      8                B S S G     
759593     18     17     B S S G     
759597     18     17     B S S G     
759610     18     17     B S S G     
759631     18     17     B S SG     
759637     18     17     B S S G     
759657     18     17     B S S G     
759720     18     17     B S S G     
759740     18     17     B S S G     
759760     18     17     B S S G  
760503      18     17    B S S G   
761624     18     17     B S     
761660     18     17     B S C O     
761682     18     17     B S S G     
761715     18     17     B S S G     
761742     18     17     B S C O     W C B HOLLOW ARABIC
761780     18     17     B S S G     
761781     18     17     B S H G     
761845     18     17     B S C O     W C B C O
866973     18     17     B S S G

Bill Kapp's Ball Hampden marked Ball's Standard Cleveland O.
Seller permitted me to use his photo's.                    
Fred Hansen's Dial is pictured below
Watch below is taken from Old site, he describes the dial as a controversial Moorehouse!

Ron Birchall's Moorehouse Dial Pictured below # 481303

Picture below was forwarded by Fred Hansen of a dial reported on a Hampden signed keywind # 94967. Looks like another Moorehouse?

Dial below is another Moorehouse style dial found on Bill Kapp's Ball Hampden
Hi Grade #410538, The Earliest known Ball Hampden reported to date.
Below is the back of the dial marked in pen is 8/28  and 9'C

Movement of 410538. This is one of 3 known marked Hi grade and the Earliest known reported serial number for a Ball Hampden marked movement.

Sold on ebay 11/29/08 for $2152  + 30 shipping

Picture under the Barrel bridge of a BSSG, courtesy of Eric Engh,  no serial number, this is the 4 th example I have seen like this, apparantly Hampden filled early Ball private labels from existing stock and fitted them with new barrel bridges. The Barreit has the number scratched/etched on the barrel cover but not stamped.  Barreit pix above  and Garwood pix below courtesy of David Abbe.  George Jones from the Jones and Horan auction team  reports that # 454237 has no numbers under the barrel bridge! This is now the 5th such report! None are reported yet with serial numbers.

The Garwood has the number stamped as one would expect!  The uneven spacing is typical. Numerals were individualy stamped and alignment was uneven.  Guess it didn't matter as it wasn't meant to be viewed!  I haven't seen any Ball's with the stamped bridge yet and other private labels are not consistent!  Maybe it depended upon quantity or price. I believe that  If a run was dedicated to a private label, it got the serial number, if existing stock was used then the barrel was replaced.

Above ad ran in the Brotherhood journals from 7/90 well into 1891. I don't have copies of late 91 or any 92 journals so  I am not sure when they stopped.

Ball Time line: information derived from Ohio Dept of Corporations, Bulletin Articles by Kent Singer & Ed Euberall(338), Winslow, jewelers Circular and posts by Jeff hess such as NAWCC Disc Ball Co's

75-79   employed by Deuber
79        Whitcomb/Ball
10/79   Webb C Ball
85         Bankrupt
90-91 (92?) Selling Ball's Standard Hampden watches
91         In Oct  Ball forms stock co with 100000 capital and 5 investors.
92-93   Selling Brotherhood and Ball's Standard Howard watches
93-?     Hamilton mfg Ball Standard and ORRS/Brotherhood watches
94-96   Stockholder and VP of Hamilton

Hampden time line
1891 Rood and Cain leave Hampden for Hamilton start up, Deuber cash strapped after buying them out had to suspend operations for a few weeks, raise additional capital and within 6-8 months had sole ownership.

1893 could be a pivotal year as there was a general economic collapse that history calls the" panic of 93".

Bulletin 234 p17 by Campbell/Fuller discuss Deubers dissatisfaction with Ball Ads that claim mfg status.  They also mention that Ball had previously ceased buying Hampdens and future orders had gone to competitors. The ads cited were in 1901 but Ball had claimed mfg status all thru 1896 in the various brotherhood journals.