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Los Padres Chapter 52 Newsletter

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 Msftedit;Los Padres Chapter, #52

Central Coast Senior Center
1580 Railroad Avenue
Oceano, CA  93445

Steve Mott, President
Meetings: Monthly, Second Sunday.   Doors open at 12:30 with the meeting starting at 1:00PM.
               Hosted by chapter member Bill Kapp,
               With membership and meeting information,
               plus links to related sites..

August 5, 2009
Chapter 52's website is going to potentially have a new Home.  The IT folks at NAWCC are going to try to host the site and in the next few weeks will be uploading the site to a new address.  The chapter will have access to add pages, edit, and a host of new features!

Chapter Hosting at NAWCC Discussion

Should be very exciting!!


Brief Notes from The Los Padres Chapter  courtesy of Paul Keller

Msftedit;Los Padres Chapter, #52

Central Coast Senior Center
1580 Railroad Avenue
Oceano, CA  93445

Marvin Horowitz, President
Meetings: Monthly, Second Sunday.   Doors open at 12:30 with the meeting starting at 1:00PM.  All guests are welcome.
               Hosted by chapter member Bill Kapp,
               With membership and meeting information,
               plus links to related sites..

Brief Notes from The Los Padres Chapter 52

Meeting of July 12, 2009

Minutes and treasurer's report read and approved.
Future meeting notices and meeting notes to be sent out to chapter members via e-mail in future, due to the higher cost and additional requirements involved in mailing (USPS) the notices as has been the past practice.
Chapter 75 to hold a mart on July 26, 2009 and members of the Los Padres chapter are invited to participate.
The annual August  Bar-B-Q sign-up sheet circulated for volunteers for chores, food and drinks.

The following items were displayed and discussed for Show and Tell:

A James Jones Elliot 1865 London built fuzee clock with a painted dial.
A white china case Ansonio in near new condition.  They often have cracks and chips due to improper handling, especially when the attachment screws are tightened.
A leather travel case for the owner's pocket watch.  It was pointed out that the travel cases are usually made of metal or wood.
Wood movement works tall shelf clock by Lumar Watson.

Video Presentation
The presentation was on early prototype wooden clocks.  The wood parts were used due to the scarcity of brass for gears and plates.  The wood parts were mass produced for lower cost and interchangeability.  Later clocks were modernized by Joseph Ives use of strip brass.  Also used later were "Swiss Cheese" plates (with portions cut out for use as gear blanks).


Meeting of June 14, 2009

Minutes and treasurer's report were read and approved.

Newly elected chapter officers:
President, Marvin Horowitz
Vice President, Paul Keller
Treasurer, Jerry Freedman
Secretary, Dona Lehman
Director, Steve Mott

The newly elected president thanked the past officers for their efforts during the past year.
Preliminary arrangements were set for the annual August Bar-B-Q.
Report on activities at the Ventura, CA mart the previous week.
Purchases included clock cases that were well worn and then rebuilt by the new owner.
A rare ebony veneer clock case.
A Vienna spring powered regulator clock.
Also, a display of various watch cases with a challenge to identify which were gold and which were not.

No Video Presentation was shown.

April Meeting of   Los Padres, California's Central Coast

Location: Central Coast Senior Center, 1580 Railroad Ave., Oceano, CA 93445.

When: Second Sunday of the month.  Doors open at 12:30, meeting begins at 1:00 PM.

Membership Information: See Chapter website: (includes links to other sites).  Guests are encouraged to attend.

April 2009 Program:  Meeting attendance was low due to the meeting date falling on Easter Sunday.  Therefore, the meeting program was delayed until the next month.

The treasurer's report and last meeting's minutes were approved.

Show and Tell;
A brief history of the ownership of the various watch companies was given including documentation of the investors/owners (A version is also available for review at the chapter web site,

A display and short history of novelty 8 day pocket watches by the Swiss company, Hebdomas, Most of the watches were six or seven jewel movements being sold from the 1920's to the 1960's.  Of local interest, the watches were sold by the Madona Inn of San Luis Obispo for many years..  

January  25, 2009
The Los Padres chapter participated in a San Luis Obispo Model Railroad show and open house at the recently restored Oceano, California (ex Southern Pacific) railroad depot.  The participation allowed the chapter wider exposure to the non-watch and clock collecting public.  Through this event and other future events, we hope to make the public more aware of our activities.

February 08, 2009
Meeting opened by president.  Financial report and minutes from previous meeting read and accepted.  
Comments on the LA Regional Show indicated that attendance was down, with several "regular" sellers absent.  However, as always, some great pieces were available.  Good show in all, not withstanding the rain (yes, it does rain in Southern California).

Upcoming chapter officer openings and voting was discussed.  A nominating committee was formed to recommend potential nominees at the next meeting.  Also, a chapter mart was discussed, with further discussions next month, pertaining to chapter having its own mart, participating with the Ventura chapter or both options as possibilities.

Two members will participate in the Women's Club antique show with appraisal services

Discussion also took place regarding possible participation in an upcoming San Luis Obispo Model Railroad Association open house in Paso Robles on father's day.

Show and Tell Topic and DVD program was on Southbend Watches.
Several excellent Southbend displays were shown and information provided by their owners.  In addition some non-Southbend timepieces were displayed including a Seth Thomas marine chronometer, which sported a replacement dial found at the LA Regional Show the previous day (perfect timing).    The DVD program, The Southbend Story" was viewed after show and tell.

March 08, 2009

Minutes and finances approved.

Chapter will participate in the Ventura, CA chapter 190 mart, in lieu of a chapter 52 specific mart.  The mart is to be held Sunday May 17, 2009 at the always popular Commemorative Air Force (CAF) museum at the Camarillo, CA airport, just off the 101 Freeway.  Admission includes a tour of the museum, well worth the $10.00 admission itself.  Contact at, or 805.482-6021.

The February participation with the Women's Club of San Luis Obispo was viewed as a great success, with the club sending thank you notes and stating that the watch and clock appraisals brought in more money for the club than any other activity.

A BB-Q is to be planned, possibly for August..

Further contact was made with the Southern Pacific Historical & Technical Society ( regarding possible participation in their annual conference to be held in San Luis Obispo, CA Nov 28 -Oct 01, 2009.  Initial ideas proposed will be for the Los Padres chapter to provide time related artifacts and information regarding the importance of railroad time schedules and how they affected efficiency and safety, especially in the high growth years of the late 1800's to early 1900's.

Show and Tell: Several unusual timepieces were displayed and described, including miniature clocks (the subject of the video presentation) including Bradley miniatures and novelties, a Schatz electronic table clock from the 1950's or 60's with a hip-toggle mechanism and rechargeable battery, plus a Black Forest wall mounted, weight driven, alarm clock built in the early 1800's.

The subject of the video presentation by J. and L. Porter was miniature clocks and included many unusual and rare examples from their collection.