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Library list

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Adzerna & Jones     Great Sundial Cutout Book     
Antique Clock Pub     Gustav Becker Story     
Bowman & Borer     Modern Watch Repairing/Adjusting     
Bruton Eric     Clocks & Watches     
Bruton Eric     Dictionary of Clocks & Watches     
Bulletin reprint 1     numbers 1-30     call for reserve
Bulletin Reprint 10     numbers 143-154     Call for reserve
Bulletin Reprint 2     numbers 31-50     Call for reserve 489 3275
Bulletin reprint 3     numbers 51-70     Call for reserve 489 3275
Bulletin reprint 4     numbers 71-82     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 5     numbers 83-94     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 6     numbers 95-106     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 7     numbers 107-118     call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 8      numbers 119-130     Call for reserve
Bulletin reprint 9     numbers 131-142     call for reserve
Catalog     E Howard 1889     
Catalog     American Clock Co 1878     Welch/ST/NewHaven/WelchSpring
Catalog     Seth Thomas 1874     
Catalog     Bulova interchangeable parts     
Catalog     Collectors Clocks & Jewelry     
Catalog     G.S. Lovell     
Catalog     Clocks & Jewelry     
Coggins Frank W     Clocks Construction/Maint/repair     
De Carle Donald     Complicated Watches/Repair     
E G Warman     Early American Clocks     
Elgin     Illustrated Almanac     
F.Hope Jones     Electric Clocks & how to make     
Finn & Riefler     Compensating Pendulums     
Fried Henry B     Repairing quartz Watches     
Fried Henry B     Repairing Quartz Watches     
Fritts Charles E     Watch Adjuster Manual     
Gibbs James     Horological Tour of Philadelphia     
Goodrich Ward     Modern Clock     
Haviland     Digital Electronic Timepieces     
Horlogerie Ancienne     Index 1977 - 2001     
Horlogerie Ancienne     Patek Philippe Museum     
Husher & Welch     Study of Simon Willard Clocks     
Jaquet & Chapuis     Technique & History Swiss Watch     
Johnson Charles     Clocks & Watches     
K & D      Staking Tools     
Kochmann     European Industralized clock mkg     
L & R     Parts & Accessories     
Lewis & Lee     Better Watch Repairing     
Matthews Martin     Engine Turning 1680 - 1980     
NAG Press     Modern Watch Repair & Adj     
NAG Press     Pendulum to Atom     
Nawcc     32nd convention Catalog     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1975     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1986     
Nawcc     Bulletin Retrieval Index 1994     
Nutting Wallace     Clock Book     
Palmer Brooks     Book of American Clocks     
Palmer Brooks     Treasury Of American Clocks     
Pritchard Kathleen H     Swiss Timepiece Makers Vol 1     call for reserve 489 3275
Pritchard Kathleen H     Swiss Timepiece Makers Vol 2     Call for reserve 489 3275
Robbins Michael     Electronic Clocks & Watches     
Rudolph J.S     Making your own paper clock     
Seitz     Jeweling Tools     
Shugart & Engle     #4 Watch price guide     
Shugart & gilbert     #15 watch price guide     
Terwilliger Charles     Horolovar 400-day Clock Repair     
Tetwilliger Charles     Horolovar 400-day Clock repair     
Tran Duy Ly     Ulysse Nardin     Chrono/Pocket Watch/Wrist watch
Tuttle     Connecticutt Clockmakers 18th cty     
Tyler E.J.     Clocks & Watches     
Tyler E.J.     Clocks & Watches     
Varkaris & Connell     Early Canadian Timekeepers     
Video     Nawcc Museum & time film     
video     Pocket Watch Repair     
Video     Staffing lesson 4     Rober J Tascione
Video     Staffing Lesson 5     Robert J. Tascione
Video     Modern Marvels - Clocks     History Channel
Video     Pocket Watch Course 1     
Video     Pocket Watch Course 2     
Video     Pocket Watch Course 3     
Video     Watch Repair tape 1     
Video     Watch & Clock Museum Nawcc     
Video      Watch Repair tape 2     
Ward Richie R     Living Clocks     
Zaharis Peter     Identification gudide to Ithical clks     
Zanoni Louis a     Digital Watch REpair manual