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Page and Updates Moving!  NAWCC Community

It is our hope to be a bit different than the usual chapter sites, but have no intention of becoming another internet chapter. We think that wheel has already been invented and the various existing sites have their diffferent unique and overlapping aspects and are sufficient. We do not have any intent or desire to start another message board.

While the final product is and probably always will be constantly evolving and in a permanent state of flux, the current thinking is:

(1) Have a page that describes the physical location of the chapter, its officers,members, meeting times.
(2) Have a page for a calendar of upcoming events and links to other horological sites.
(3) Have a page for the chapter newsletter.
(4) Feature various members and their collections or interest.

Now that is all pretty standard stuff , where we hope to fill a different niche is to have several op/ed pages of horological interrest . We will avoid politics and individual personality issues to the best of our ability. These pages will accept submission from Chapter members only and the individuals will be wholely responsible for their content and accuracy, they will not necesarily reflect the opinions of the chapter or NAWCC.

We also intend to publish articles submitted by our members. They will not be as slick and professional or as expert as you might hope for but will be whatever our limited talents can come up with. Submissions also will be accepted from any NAWCC office holder.

It is also contemplated that we will cross post on different bulletin boards threads that will link to these articles in the hopes of generating different opinions, critiques and promote interest in horology.

These threads in return we would like to link back to the articles and op/ed pieces so that readers can see the feedback generated (if any!).

Your commets and suggestions to the above will be welcome and given due consideration.

Thanks and happy hunting,

Bill Kapp